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  • Coastal Wind Warning for Tasmanian Waters. Thu 17 Apr 2014

    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
    Marine Wind Warning Summary for Tasmania
    Issued at 10:00 pm EST on Thursday 17 April 2014
    for the period until midnight EST Friday 18 April 2014.
    Wind Warnings for Friday 18 April
    Strong Wind Warning for the following areas:
    Frederick Henry Bay and Norfolk Bay, Storm Bay, Far North West Coast, Central
    North Coast, Banks Strait and Franklin Sound, East of Flinders Island, Upper
    East Coast, Lower East Coast, South East Coast, South West Coast and Central
    West Coast
    Small Craft Alert for the following area:
    Central Plateau Lakes
    The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 5:00 am EST Friday.
    Check the latest Coastal Waters Forecast or Local Waters Forecast for
    information on wind, wave and weather conditions for these coastal zones.