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  1. Victoria

    • Barwon Heads

      Surf: bumpy 2-3ft sw Wind: Moderate SE Weather: overcast

      Dawn Report: Winds are light this morning so surf conditions are clean, and the open beaches have slow though just-rideable surf in and around the 1-2ft mark. It's worth a quick paddle if you're passin... Read more ›

    • Mornington Peninsula

      Surf: bumpy 3-4ft sw Wind: Moderate SSW Weather: overcast

      Dawn Report: Nice waves around this morning, though you'll have to be patient as its pretty inconsistent out there. We've got smooth conditions with light NE winds and occasional 3ft+ sets at exposed b... Read more ›

    • Phillip Island

      Surf: inconsistent 3-4ft sw Wind: Light SSE Weather: mostly fine

      Dawn Report: Not a bad start to the working week, with inconsistent lines of distant groundswell providing 3ft+ sets at the beaches under a light NE breeze. You'll have to wait around for the bigger wa... Read more ›

    • Torquay

      Surf: bumpy 2ft sw Wind: Light ENE Weather: fine

      Dawn Report: It's oh so inviting out there this morning, but ultimately surf size is a little too small for the reefs unless you've got a lot of foam under your chest. We've got lovely clean conditions... Read more ›

    • Warrnambool

      Surf: stormy 10ft+ sw Wind: Strong WNW Weather: rain

      No go on the banks, bay or open aspects. West beachies into the gloom.... Read more ›

    • Western Port

      Surf: bumpy 6ft+ sw Wind: Fresh NW Weather: cool

      With the tide dropping out Flinders is offering some decent sets, and the wind is just north enough to keep it decent. Try Western Port on the turn of the tide.... Read more ›