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  • Coastal Wind Warning for VIC Sun 18 Mar 2018

    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
    Updated Marine Wind Warning Summary for Victoria
    Issued at 10:33 am EDT on Sunday 18 March 2018
    for the period until midnight EDT Monday 19 March 2018.
    Wind Warnings for Sunday 18 March
    Gale Warning for the following areas:
    Port Phillip, Western Port, Gippsland Lakes, West Coast, Central Coast, Central
    Gippsland Coast and East Gippsland Coast
    Wind Warnings for Monday 19 March
    Gale Warning for the following areas:
    West Coast, Central Coast and Central Gippsland Coast
    Strong Wind Warning for the following area:
    East Gippsland Coast
    The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 4:40 pm EDT Sunday.
    Check the latest Coastal Waters Forecast or Local Waters Forecast for
    information on wind, wave and weather conditions for these coastal zones.